AB Standswell

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Description of Variety
AB Standswell

Superior nitrogen use efficiency to protect yield under limited N conditions
Smooth awn with high grain and forage yields
Semi-dwarf with good lodging resistance

Strengths of AB Standswell

  • Enhanced nitrogen use efficiency, 6% better than Vivar and 10% better than Amisk and AC Ranger. This tolerance can help stabilize yield in low N conditions.
  • Grain yield is 3% higher than Vivar and Amisk, and 5% higher than AC Ranger.
  • Forage yield is 3% higher than the six-row semi-dwarf check Vivar.
  • Resistant to lodging, similar to the best check Amisk.
  • Plumper seed than AC Ranger and Vivar, Test weight better than all the checks.
  • Smooth awn, short height, similar to the semi-dwarf checks Amisk and Vivar.
  • Good disease resistance package with resistance or moderate resistance to surface-borne smut, stem rust, spot blotch, and the net form of net blotch, and intermediate reactions to spot form of net blotch.

AB Standswell was developed by the Field Crop Development Centre at Olds College and marketed by Mastin Seeds.

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Table 1. Yield and agronomic traits of AB Standswell averaged over the 2018 and 2019 Western Cooperative Six-Row Barley Registration Trials.

*Lodging values in parenthesis are excluding Lacombe 2019 data. The Lacombe site had 260 kg/ha available (soil N + applied) nitrogen, which combined with seasonal high moisture caused very high lodging.

Table 2. Forage data for AB Standswell from the 2018 and 2019 Western Cooperative Forage Barley Registration Trials.

CP Crude protein, NDF - neutral detergent fiber; ADF - acid detergent fiber; IVTD - in vitro true digestibility; NDFd - percentage of NDF that is digestible at 30h incubation period, ADG - average daily gain of a calf backgrounding for 100d on forage, MPTI - milk yield per tonne of forage in dairy cows.

Table 3. Nitrogen use efficiency and grain yield of AB Standswell evaluated under high and moderately low N regimes at Lacombe, AB.

Nitrogen use efficiency - grain yield (kg) per available N (kg/ha), where available N is soil N + applied; High fertility conditions - 100% of the N recommended by soil tests; Moderately low fertility conditions - 25% less N than is recommended by soil tests.

Table 4. Overall disease ratings of AB Standswell from the 2018 and 2019 Western Cooperative Six-row Barley Registration Trials.

R - resistent, MR - moderately resistent, I - intermediate resistance, MS - moderately susceptible, †DON (deoxynivalenol) content averaged over 5 site years.