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Sundre Barley wins prestigious Seager Wheeler Award
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TV Report on Sundre Barley

This TV report was filmed by CHTV from Red Deer, AB on Feb 14, 2007 and aired on the noon and evening news Feb 15/07, as well as the early morning Ag Program.

Approximately two weeks later, it was picked up by Ag Web, the largest Ag Website in the United States and aired on there for about one week. From this exposure, a couple of US TV stations aired it, and from the combined exposure considerable interest in Sundre Barley was generated south of the border. Bob received phone calls from the University of Maine, the University of Minnesota, an AG Field man and several farmers.

Feb 14/07 was the coldest day of the winter so filming was done in 20 minutes. “I guess a cold, cold day makes for a fast filming process,” said Bob.

Check out the TV report.

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Sundre barley is an exciting new barley being  released in the spring of 2008 and it will be distributed in a new and unique way.

Between the outstanding traits of this barley and the unique method of distribution, Mastin Seeds is hoping to put some profit back into being a seed grower / retailer, and change how seed levies are assessed and collected.

Sundre barley is a top yielding, six row, smooth awned conventional barley with class leading grain and forage yields. It has the highest grain yield of any barley ever developed at Lacombe, outyielding the previous champion, Vivar. It also has one of the highest forage yields, outperforming AC Lacombe and Vivar by a huge margin of 12%.

Sundre barley has excellent multiple gene disease resistance and was found to be resistant to diseases in Canada, the United States and Mexico. It is susceptible to some diseases, which are controlled with seed treatments, and could be susceptible to lodging under very high fertility conditions.

Mastin Seeds owner, Bob Mastin, says that he’s had yields exceeding 160 bushels/acre with very little lodging.

Even more amazing, this field was hit with three small late season hailstorms and over 25 bushels/acre (as per crop insurance estimate) was knocked out of the heads and laying on the ground at harvest time.

Sundre barley also exhibits a high level of competitiveness, making it ideal in a multiple grain forage blend or for grazing.

Unique Distribution

Sundre barley will have one of the lowest levies of any barley and with its outstanding yield characteristics should allow growers to undersell the competition, and yet achieve superior margins. This should also make a much larger market possible for Sundre barley by eliminating a lot of the common seed problems.

Sundre could be to feed barley what Harrington was to malt barley, but without the common seed competition. With large volume sales of a single variety that also has excellent yields, per bushel costs will be greatly reduced allowing for a lower retail price while maintaining a superior profit margin.

If you like the concept proposed, would like to get in at the beginning of this exciting venture and will work hard to make it happen, please contact Mastin Seeds for contract information and stock seed supplies.

Why Sundre?

The naming of Sundre barley was chosen because the Lacombe Research Station has a tradition of naming new varieties after Alberta towns. So, Bob decided to name this new variety after his hometown, Sundre. Sundre is a beautiful little town nestled in the foothills, and Sundre barley is beautiful looking barley. Thus Sundre Barley is being distributed from Sundre, Alberta.

More Information

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